why sylk swim?

Sun. Sand. Surf.

As an Australian brand we adore our vibrant beach culture.

We love the people, the killer vibes, and the feeling that summer brings. Sylk Swim is inspired by this lifestyle.

The fun, freedom, and beauty that it brings is captured by our stunning one and two piece sets.

So what's holding you back?
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Shani Grimmond

I love fashion. I love the beach. And I love being confident in what I'm wearing. In 2018 this inspired me to create something I love. Something that represents my passions. So I decided to create Sylk Swim for my fans and my community.

behind the brand

Sylk Swim is the ultimate combination of my 3 loves.

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

I just adore swimwear and beach culture worldwide.

I'm always travelling for work and I'm my happiest when I'm by the water. So I used the places I've fallen in love with as inspiration for the perfect swimwear.

That swimwear is Sylk.

And it's been my baby for over a year now. And I've been working so hard making sure that everything is perfect for you.

I've designed everything, and have hand selected the fabrics for their beautiful look and feel.

These are pieces that I love to wear, crafted with premium fabrics that look and feel beautiful all day long.

Designed by:
Shani Grimmond

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